Bui Doi on Wogan

Peter singing Bui Doi from Miss Saigon.

Many many people have asked us to post this link. It’s a performance of Bui Doi from the musical Miss Saigon, which took place on The Wogan Show in 1989. This clip has received over 470,000 plays.

Peter singing on the The Terry Wogan Show in 1989 performing Bui Doi.

Peter created the role of John in Miss Saigon. The Original London cast included

Jonathan Pryce – Engineer
Lea Salonga – Kim
Simon Bowman – Chris
Claire Moore – Ellen
Kieth Burns – Thuy

A film celebrating 25 years of the show was released last year. Here’s the link to the Miss Saigon web site where you can find out more. A full performance by the then London cast has been widely acclaimed as one of the best since the original London cast.

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