The Second Shooter

Peter’s new audiobook recorded at Penguin Random House will be released in November.

A perception-twisting scifi thriller by a critically acclaimed author.

Sometimes, the truth is weirder than the conspiracy theories.

“There was video of the second shooter. There was video.”

In the first reports of every mass shooting, there’s always mention of a second shooter—two sets of gunshots, a figure seen fleeing the scene—and they always seem to evaporate as events are pieced together.

Commissioned by a fringe publisher to investigate the phenomenon, journalist Mike Karras finds himself tailed by drones, attacked by a talk radio host, badgered by his all-knowing (and maybe all-powerful) editor, and teaming up with an immigrant family of conspiracy buffs.

Together, they uncover something larger and stranger than anyone could imagine—a technomystical plot to ‘murder America.’

Time for Karras to meet his deadline.


The Poison Throne narrated by Peter Polycarpou, was released June 24th.

It’s published by Orion Books.

The Poison throne narrated by Peter Polycarpou
The Poison Throne published by Orion

Published by Orion on 24th June 2021 and now available for download.

Tumanbay: Once the most magnificent city on earth –
now the dark heart of an empire which lies in ruins.

Occupied by the fanatical forces of the mysterious cult of Maya, corpses hang from the gallows, and citizens are flogged for next to nothing.

Barakat, leader of the Inquisition, leads the purge. Gregor, former spymaster to the Sultan, lives in fear. Madu, heir to the throne, is opiated and installed as a puppet ruler. And Qulan, the great general, rots in prison.

But the history of Tumanbay shows that those who can rise to power can just as easily fall.

And there are whispers of rebellion, of a reckoning – as well as rumblings of plague on the horizon….

New audiobook available The Poison Throne

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