Acting Tuition – For Students and Professionals


I’ve taught workshops in Schools and Colleges up and down the country. Now I’m giving one-to-one classes online.

Have a look at the classes listed below and choose which you’d like to book. They last 60 minutes and are held on Zoom, which you will need to have on your computer before the date of the class. After you’ve chosen the date on which you’d like your class and made a payment, you will be sent a link.

If you’re under 16, you can attend alongside a parent or guardian.

There’s more about my teaching work here.

Discounts for students in training are available here from this link.

Choose from one or more of the classes available and fill in the form below.

1. Preparing for Auditions

Do you have an important audition coming up? I’ll help you choose the right speech and then guide you through the audition process. I’ll tell you what to expect and how to be one step ahead. I’ll work on your speech with you until you’re ready.

2. Self Tapes

I can help you prepare for your self-tape. I can show you how to shoot it and how to light it. I can act as your director and try to bring the best performance you can give for your recording.

3. Acting Tips

How do you discover what a character wants and how they feel? I can help with useful and practical acting tips.

4. Character Work

Are you working on a particular part? I’ll work on characterization with you. I’ll teach you what to do in order to bring your character to life and show you my method of building characterization.

5. Work On Scripts

How do you mark up your script? I’ll teach you how to make your script a tool for your rehearsal process. How to ‘action’ your script.

6. Feedback

I can give you my professional opinion about your audition or self-tape. I can give you guidelines on what to do next or how to improve your work.

Classes Available

1. Auditions 2. Self-Tapes 3. Acting Tips 4. Character Work 5. Work On Scripts 6. Feedback



“What makes his workshops so special is that he has a natural rapport with the students and he forges a creative working environment in which everyone feels valued. He leads students into finding truth in their characters, explores alternative interpretations, and encourages them to make choices and perform outside their comfort zone. His workshops combine intense creativity with a joyous love of acting. Every one of his workshops has been a transformative experience for the student personally and the production as a whole. After a visit from Peter, the production feels energized, as the company develops the ideas he has brought to the workshop.”

Geoff Hinde

Head of Drama Wirral Grammar School for Boys

“Working with Peter was insightful. I am a young aspiring actor and he showed me a new way of understanding a role. He spoke to us about getting to know a character and how method acting is very effective. He inspired me to become an actor even more than I wanted before. He was calm, confident, and knowledgeable about his profession, with a vast array of previous impressive roles in previous shows. I want to be a successful actor like Peter. Being able to spend an afternoon with him was an opportunity no wannabe actor should miss. We performed songs from Les Misérables and We Will Rock You and Peter helped us, with ease, to understand and express the meanings of songs.”

Ryan Caisley.

“The workshop with Peter Polycarpou was particularly interesting as he brought the words to life, emphasizing Johanna’s internal torment at being locked away by the creepy judge. I would say the most difficult part of the whole process has been trying to portray her feelings with minimal movement, for a large part of the musical Johanna is sitting looking out of her window, but the music is so powerful that I can gradually feel her character emerging. “

Sophie Bennett

“Our recent workshop day with Peter Polycarpou allowed me to delve into my character’s thoughts and feelings, and it gave me more confidence regarding the acting side of the show. “

Esta Felix

“The workshop brought the words to life. What we had previously been reading as a piece of music suddenly became a dramatic reality, with emotion and feeling.”

Sam Smith (Student Sweeney Todd)

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