Scenes From 68* Years

Scenes From 68* Years played at The Arcola from 6th – 30th April 2016


The cast of six, is pictured below.

Scenes From 68* Years Cast
L to R Janine Harouni, Pinar Ogun, Yasen Atour, Mateo Oxley, PP and Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso,


A picnic interrupted by soldiers. Sunbathing in the shadow of a tank. Life can be unpredictable under occupation.

Told with typical Palestinian black humour, Scenes from 68* Years is an epic snapshot of life in Palestine, then and now. Palestinian-Irish playwright Hannah Khalil draws on stories from family and friends’ lives to paint this alternative picture – one rarely glimpsed in mainstream media.

Forget suicide belts and stone-hurling youths – here the real human story is revealed: the dreams, comedy, sadness and frustrations of daily life in the shadow of the ‘separation wall’.

The Arcola Web site lists all the reviews here.

Peter received the Best Supporting Actor in a Play Award for Scenes from 68* Years in 2016 from the blogspot Ought To Be Clowns. Here is the review they gave the play.

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